small_bmw_logo.jpgThis is amazing. This is a video of BMW’s extreme testing innovations. For a producer of cars so packed with technology, it’s only normal for their testing procedures to be highly advanced too. They actually have a Nurburgring track test simulator, which allows a BMW being tested to experience the trials of the Nurburgring track without actually having to be there. There’s also a room where ultraviolet light is used to test the car’s hardiness against the harsh sun. This ultraviolet light is so intense that it could give you a sunburn in 3 minutes.

One of the most important things is testing, testing, testing, to produce quality in the hands of our customers. The quality really depends on the R&D process. It starts at the R&D process. You cannot produce quality at the end of the production line.” – Anton Ruf, BMW Head of Technical Integration.

If you have a BMW, it will really make you appreciate the work and effort that went into the vehicle that justifies it’s premium price tag. A highly recommended watch.