white_myvi_small.jpgPerodua aims to increase export activity beginning mid-2007 with it’s Indonesian exports spearheading the export drive. Originally, the Perodua Myvi was to be exported to other ASEAN countries in the second half of 2006, but domestic orders have been averaging 7,000 units a month for the last three months.

The plans were postponed due to the lack of production capacity available for export. Perodua intends to help create a compact car market in Indonesia and sell about 500 Perodua Myvi cars a month. Indonesia has a relatively low person to car ratio and the automotive industry volume in 2006 to date is 30-40 percent lower than the same period last year. Compact cars will be welcome in the Indonesian market. Just October last year, the Indonesian government raised fuel prices by 87% in drastic measures to reduce subsidies that are hurting the government coffers.