small_bmw_selfpark.jpgBMW has developed a parking-assist technology that can park your car for you while you stand outside the car and watch as the internal robotics and gizmos park it. A prototype of the system has been completed and a demo video was recorded using a BMW 730i, which is available after the jump. BMW group research and technology managing director Raymond Freymann says the system will be available in 3 years, and will be very easy to use – just press a button and watch the car park itself.

Of course, this parking system isn’t for the car to park itself anywhere. It involves components both on the car and components to be installed in the parking spot designated, for example your garage. You have to install a reflective lense against the wall of the parking space. A video camera on the car’s front windshield measures the distance and angel of the car in relation to the lense, while other sensors ensure there is at least 8 inches of space on the left and right of the car. Through information gathered from these input devices, the gas pedal and steering wheel is controlled.

Video: BMW demos a self-parking BMW 730i

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