small_savvy_sedan.jpgIt is common these days for car makers to develop sedans out of hatchback bodies. You have the Honda City based on the Honda Jazz, the Nissan Tiida Sedan based on the Nissan Tiida hatch, and the previous generation Chevrolet Aveo sedan based on the Aveo hatchback.

It would make sense for Proton to develop an Iswara Replacement Model based on the Proton Savvy. Although the Savvy looks small, it’s 2,395mm wheelbase is actually longer than the current Proton Iswara’s 2,380mm wheelbase. So, have you ever wondered what a Proton Savvy sedan would look like? Theophilus Chin, a very talented graphics artist has the answer. Photos after the jump.


In the above photo, the Savvy’s wheelbase has been extended a little in order for the car not to have too stout of a look. The photo below however, the Savvy’s original wheelbase was retained. If this ever happens, it would definitely give the Dacia/Renault Logan a run for it’s money in the European market. In fact, the Renault Logan’s chassis is based on a Renault Clio, a supermini hatchback much like our Proton Savvy.