These are new scans from Japanese magazines depicting how the new next generation Toyota Corolla sedan (JDM) will look like. It looks pretty much similiar to the previous scans by New Model Magazine X which I posted in mid-July, but these images have much more detail than the plain ones I posted before. It’s not as futuristic as the current Honda Civic, but it does look sportier than the current Toyota Corolla Altis. More details and photos after the jump.


As you should know, there are a few variations of the current Toyota Corolla on the market. Our Corolla is the Corolla Altis, which is similar to the USDM Toyota Corolla. The European market has it’s Corolla hatchback. The current Japanese Toyota Corolla is similiar to the Toyota Corolla offered in Singapore.

The new Corolla will be offered in Japan in sedan form, while a hatchback version will carry a new name. Unconfirmed rumours are that this new name will be the Toyota Blade. Toyota has announced recently that it’s next generation Corolla hatchback for the UK market will undergo a name change, so this might be the name that will be used for the European market as well.

While the JDM Corolla maintains it’s current size, the JDM hatchback version will move up a class in terms of size, as with the sedan and hatchback versions of the Corolla everywhere else. The bigger Corolla will be based on a new platform. The JDM Corolla has to be smaller to qualify for Japan’s mass-market class.

Other than sedan and hatchback forms, apparently the new Corolla will be offered in wagon form too, as you can see from the remaining two scans below. Expected unveilin date for the new JDM Toyota Corolla sedan is October this year.



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