DynoJet manufactures motorcycle dynamometers, or dynos as they’re more commonly known as around these parts. There are a few types of dynos, but the kind that measures power at the wheels are called chassis dynos. Chassis dynos measure horsepower and torque produced when a vehicle’s wheels spin its dyno rollers.

DynoJet organised the first Dynojet Horsepower Challenge for motorcycles in March this year. Sometime late last year I was contemplating for a short while the purchase of a used Kawasaki ZZR1100 which made 150 horsepower. That never happened. The ZZR1100/ZX11 held the title of fastest production bike for nearly a decade. The idea of 150 horses on something that light was pretty much bordering madness for me, but wait till you hear what the winner of the dyno competition was making. A mind-blowing 701.32 horsepower. Yup, the winning bike, a Suzuki Hayabusa was runing on methanol and had a custom NRL turbocharger bolted on to it’s 1.3 litre engine which made 160 horsepower in stock form at 10,000rpm.

The owner of the winning Hayabusa also clinched the second place spot with his other Hayabusa which made 606 horsepower at the wheel. From the scoreboard, you can tell that turbocharging a Hayabusa is likely the most popular and effective way to create mega horsepower on a bike. Two other turbocharged Hayabusas made 559.02hp and 445.16hp each.

Anyway, I’ve put a little video after the jump. It’s a recording of a turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa. Not the same 700 horsepower monster, but an entertaining watch nevertheless.

Video: Suzuki Hayabusa

Video: Top Speed, meters are in mph not km/h