After that short speculation in my previous post, it’s quite obvious the new car to be launched this Tuesday in Johor will be a Dadi SUV or pick-up truck with an LMG Auto badge. While The Star’s report only mentioned a national car, a similiar report by Bernama confirms that the car is an LMG.


Dadi has two SUVs called the Dadi Shuttle and the Dadi Tourer, as well as a pick-up called the Dadi Trekker. Not sure which one will be launched this Tuesday, but the lights in the teaser looks like the pick-up truck. Reminds you of the Isuzu D-MAX eh?

Dadi vehicles use Mitsubishi engines in general, namely a 4G64 2.4 litre SOHC engine producing about 147hp and 214Nm of torque, which should be ample for an SUV or pickup of that size.

The theme of the ad is strange though – what do they mean by just add water?