PT Proton Edar Internasional Indonesia (PEII) has managed to secure orders for 3,000 Proton Wira cars to be used as taxis around Indonesia. These orders are from various major cities of the republic, and will be delivered in batches.

PEII director Dwi Sasetia said the Proton Wira was chosen by taxi companies because of it’s proven hardiness on Malaysian roads, as our weather conditions were similiar to theirs. The first batch Proton Wira cars from the year 1993 are also still in action, since it is pretty much unfeasible to purchase new cars over here due to the long loans we need to take. The 13 year old cars might be making strange noises here and there, but they are all still in running condition.

Proton has a 50,000 car per year capacity plant in the Cikarang Industrial Park, located 50 km east of Jakarta.