The new 2007 Toyota Camry should be coming very very soon. These photos were sent in by reader Adam from Shah Alam. It looks like we are not getting the USDM version of the Camry, but another version similiar to the one found in Taiwan and Thailand.. I must say I really like this new Camry, it has the muscular more box-like shape that looks more upmarket than it really is, as compared to the previous model available on the roads now. More Lexus DNA. More photos after the jump.


Some of you might argue the design of this new Camry is boring, but if I think of myself as someone in the Camry’s target market, this is exactly how I would want my car to look like. I find that the higher-end Acura cars like the Acura RL carry the same general shape. Less svelte, more prestigious, more strong. My design lingo is horrible. Bears some resemblance to the Australian Toyota Aurion I posted about earlier this year.


The badge under the cover reads 2.0E, so this must be the base 2.0 litre model. This probably means our Camry will keep the 2.0 litre range.


Nice blue colour.


A shot of the interior.


Zoom in a little and you can have a look at the automatic gear shift positions. P-R-N-D3-2-L. It looks like it has a gated shift though, so the D3 position might actually be D on the left, and D3 on the right.

The Thais get a 4-speed Super-ECT automatic with the 2.0 litre model, while the 2.4 litre Thai Camry has a 5-speed sequential shift transmission which uses P-R-N-D shift positions. With the gear in D, you just pull the shift to the right, and from there you can push up to shift up and pull down to shift down. This might give us an insight into what gearbox options our Malaysian Toyota Camry will have.

So, 2007 Toyota Camry by year end? What do you think?