The Australian taste for large sedans with big engines are apparent with the Holden Commodore. Mitsubishi’s most recent offensive on the market was the Mitsubishi 380. This is Toyota’s latest offering for the Australian market, the Toyota Aurion, replacing it’s previous failed large sedan offering the Toyota Avalon.


At first glance it looks like it was based on the Lexus GS, but according to, it’s basically a Camry with a redesigned head and tail. It looks much more elegant and muscular than the Camry, which to me has some pretty feminine looks. Maybe you could call it a fat girl instead of a fat boy.


What makes it different from the Camry is the Camry line-up in Australia will be limited to 4-cylinder models while this Toyota Aurion comes with a 3.5 litre V6 (model 2GR-FE), available in normally aspirated form for the base models and also a supercharged version for the Sportivo models. However, it’s direct competitors the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon offeres V8 engines.

I don’t have any information at the moment on how much power and torque the Aurion’s 2GR-FE will make, but the same normally aspirated engine in other Toyotas like the Lexus RX350/Toyota Harrier makes 280ps at 6200rpm and 346Nm of torque at 4700rpm. Expect higher figures for the supercharged version.


Above is a concept art of the Sportivo version. The grill looks familiar don’t you think? Pretty similiar to our Toyota VIOS facelift‘s grille. The car will be available in October 2006 in Australia first, although there are plans to sell it elsewhere like China, Taiwan, Thailand and the Middle East. Grey imports anyone?