Volkswagen’s Iroc concept pays homage to the first Volkswagen Scirocco presented 33 years ago at the Geneva Motor Show. The new Sc-IROC-co runs away slightly from the original Scirocco’s classic coupe shape, and transforms into something which I view as Volkwagen’s version of the Audi TT. More details and photos after the jump.


The Volkswagen Iroc Concept comes in viper green metallic, one of the colours that was very common on the original Scirocco. The car has a wheelbase of 2,680mm and is 1,400mm high, 4,240mm long and 1,800mm wide. The 10-spoke rims are 19 inches in size and are made of light alloy, with a special done specially for the Iroc.

The little coupe is powered by Volkswagen’s excellent 1.4 litre TSI Twincharger engine, making 210 horsepower instead of the 170hp version we’re used to seeing in the Golf GT. Shifting is via Volkwagen’s excellent DSG gearbox, which I am itchy to try.

The car’s extra long roof lends to it’s sleek profile, with the hidden B-pillars emphasizing on the look. This seems to be the opposite of the classic roadster-ish profile which has a very long engine hood and a short roof. From the back, you can see the car’s wide shoulders which give it a more aggresive stance.

Like most sporty hatches, the Volkswagen Iroc Concept is a 4-seater. Boot storage is about 300 litres, which can be extended to a whole deal more if you fold the rear seats down. Meter gauge is of a dual pod design, lit up with a blueish glow. If you look at the air cond vents in the center of the dashboard, you wil notice it mirrors the hexagon-shaped grille on the nose of the car.

With the Volkswagen Iroc Concept, Volkswagen gives us a peek at what the future new Volkswagen Scirocco to be based on the Volkswagen Golf could look like. Enjoy the rest of the photos. And remember, it’s said that geniuses pick green for their car colours :)