Here are more photos of the Audi R8, straight from the 2006 Paris Motor Show, thanks to correspondent Ben Corley. As with the previous post with details of the 2007 Audi R8, click each photo for an enlarged version. For all the photos, check out the full post after the jump.

This particular Audi R8 has the sideblade painted. There are 3 differnet colours options which vary for each of the 4 body colours.

The Audi R8, side profile, with an unpainted side section.

Audi R8, from a rear 3/4 section view.

Rear view, note the nice quad tailpipes integrated into the bumper.

Audi R8, from a rear 3/4 section view.

A skeleton view of the Audi R8, showing off the Audi Space Frame construction.

Notice how the suspension strut is mounted at the firewall, eliminating the need for special strut towers, which are conspicuously missing.

Engine is visible through a transparent glass engine cover.

Spokes of feathery spiderweb-like aluminium show off dinner-plate sized brake rotors and massive calipers.