Projek KARS is a project by LS Associates (SEA) Sdn Bhd, a 31-acre area which introduces a convergence concept in car trading here. The project, which costs RM5 million, provides a single place for car dealers, support services, financing and insurance services, in a single location.

Phase one will begin operations in December 2006, with 10,000 sales bays, buyer meets seller bays and 1,200 car parks. Both new cars and second hand car dealers are expected to converge at the center. There will also be stalls for accessories, a hypermarket, JPJ offices and a Puspakom center – everything you need when you purchase a car, whether new or second hand. It would be cool if there were facilities at the seller for buyers who want to buy cars from direct private sellers to jack up the car and check out the undercarriage, perhaps have a team of professionals for hire to check out the chassis for you.

As far as I can tell at a glance, the project seems to be similiar to the Highway Auto City, but Highway Auto City focuses more on new car 3S centers, while Projek KARS also serves the used car market. Projek KARS is expected to be fully operational by April 2007, and LS Associates hopes the depressed market will have recovered by then.