Of course, other than owning and driving one, the really hardcore fans of the MINI will want to be expressing their love for the car at all times. What better way than to equip your wardrobe with items from the latest MINI Collection. Those who can’t afford the car can settle for wearing a black top with the MINI logo on it, heheh.

BMW organised this fashion show with a showcase of the latest MINI Collection after our plant tour, right in the plant floors itself. More photos after the jump. Some of the angles are terrible though, as I was standing in the third row from the front, luckily I was taller than anyone in front of me.

P.S.: It was a pain uploading this post through GPRS. My Streamyx is still down. A week now. TMNet is the most efficient broadband company on earth, and I really need to work on my sarcasm.