Naza has unveiled a new minicar, the Naza Suria, which appears to be a locally assembled rebadged Kia Picanto. At a glance from the image of the Suria appearing in the local dailies, the new Naza Suria gains a slightly sportier facelifted bumper with a different foglamp design as well as a new mesh grille sporting the Naza logo.

The advertisement says the car has a 1.1 litre SOHC engine, which should be the same unit in the CBU Picanto; a 1,086cc unit making 65PS at 5,500rpm and 99Nm of torque at 2,800rpm, this is coupled with a 4 speed auto.

There are rumours of prices floating around, the car is reported to be in the mid RM40,000 to RM50,000 range, but I’ll get official prices before putting it up here. In other news, mStar reports that Naza will be releasing another 3 cars in the year 2007, one of which will be a 1.5 litre saloon model.

UPDATE: Prices are confirmed to be RM43,888 for the standard version, and RM45,888 for one with a sporty bodykit, think Novus.


There is not much difference between the lower spec and the higher spec version of the Naza Suria. The additional RM2,000 that you have to fork out for the high spec version gives you a front lip, side skirtings, a rear spoiler, sportier foglamps in a black insert, as well as rims similiar to the one available on the Naza Sutera. You also get this black piece of plastic at the rear window as you can see in the image above. On the interior, the high spec version gets cloth trim on the doors for both the front and rear doors, while the low spec only has cloth on the front doors, the rear is just pure plastic! The Naza Suria will be launched on the 20th of November 2006.

UPDATE: More photos after the jump.