Here are somemore previews of the upcoming Alfa Romeo 149, based on the Fiat Group’s Premium platform, basically a shorter wheelbase version of what’s under the Alfa 159. Previous artist’s impressions done by Italian car magazine Quattroruote were based on leaked spyshots of the car – while they didn’t officially show the actual car, the artist’s impression was based on the spyshots.

The photos above however, are supposed to be a clay mock-up of the car, partially covered by a red sheet. While the rear design has stayed true to what we’ve seen recently, this is probably the first time we’re looking at the front. I can’t say I am connecting much with the new retro round lights that the clay model has – similiar to the ones on the Alfa 8c Competizione and the Alfa Romeo Diva Concept.

The Alfa front end lights design has gone from ovalish bulgy lamps seen on the pre-facelift 147 and the current Alfa GT, to sleek and slim ones on the post-facelift Alfa 147, to the current round retro-ish ones. While the lamps can be said to look good on sports cars, I’m not too sure if it will suit a hatch like the new 149. The car might end up looking too stout. What do you think? Click here for a rear 3/4 view of the car so you can have a look at the side profile as well.

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