smallaudia1.jpgOther than our delight in a new MINI-killer Audi, the announcement that the new Audi A1 will be produced at Volkswagen’s Forest plant in Brussels, Belgium offers hope to the 5,300 employees there who risk ending up jobless, though full time production of the car will only require 3,000 employees. So the 2,300 others still have something to worry about. Volkswagen had originally planned to shut down the Brussels plant in early July this year, and had announced late last month that it would be cutting down it’s Brussels plant staff down to 1,500 workers, because it was transferring Golf production to two plants in Germany. Feeling a combination of fear and anger, the workers went on strike.

Back to the matter of the little car, artist’s impressions by Autobild of Germany have been around since mid 2006. Volkswagen group head Bernd Pischetsrieder expressed his concern that the price of the A1, set to be based on the Volkswagen Fox platform and will be the smallest Audi ever, might be too close to the Audi A3 if priced at a premium in relative to it’s size. But if priced cheaper, it might damage Audi’s prestige.

The little Audi A1 is set to be released as a 2009 model. I have doubts about Audi’s large trapezoidal shield grille design working well on a small car, but imagine one with a high output version of a 1.4 TFSI. Yum.

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