Malaysian-registered cars will receive the equivalent of the MyKad system early next year – number plates called e-plates which will contain RFID tags which will contain information about the vehicle and it’s owner. The e-plate system was conceived as a strategy to curb car theft. It will supposedly prevent car thieves from getting away by merely changing stolen car’s plates. The system will be implemented in stages, starting with new cars, followed by those already running on the road. Range is 100 meters. The e-plates have a battery lifespan of 10 years.

How much will this new system cost us? Who will be bearing the cost of the new tagged numberplates, and will the prices be overinflated due to someone making a fat profit in the middle of the supply chain?

The plates are supposed to be tamper-proof, but then again with technology, there are many ways to get around security. There is always a way – think RFID “burner” devices to create a massive amount of electronically “plate-less” cars to confuse the police in the area, making it easier for you to get the car out of the theft zone, etc.