UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd’s plans for the Lexus marque this year – two models, one of which will be the flagship Lexus LS. Lexus has never really been in Malaysia officially with proper support, previously you could only purchase Lexus cars through grey importers. UMW Toyota will focus on establishing the Lexus brand in the local luxury segment, and not just to be viewed as more upmarket Toyotas.

It’s perfect really – despite only being a 17 year old brand, Lexus is the top luxury segment seller in the US, and is immediately associated with the luxury car image. Not only that, it has also benefitted from Toyota’s reputation for good build and reliability.

The Lexus LS is a massive full-sized luxury sedan, powered by powerful V8 engines. I wonder what’s the other model to be brought in, it should be either the IS or the ever so popular RX. My bet is on the latter. Rear shot of the Lexus LS after the jump, you’ll find that it looks very similar to a model in Toyota’s existing line-up.