logo_honda.jpgHonda is developing a new V6 turbodiesel engine equipped with it’s new NOx catalyst techology which will debut in the new 2nd generation 2.2 litre inline-4 i-CTDi engine. The V6 engine will follow shortly after the launch of the new new 2nd gen inline-4 in the year 2009, and both engines will meet tough new U.S. regulation which requires diesel engines to have emissions pretty much the same level as gasoline engines! The first vehicles that are set to get Honda’s new V6 turbodiesel are Honda’s Ridgeline, Pilot and Odyssey and Acura’s MDX – if you notice, mostly US market vehicles.

Honda Motor Company CEO Takeo Fukui also said that while the 2.3 litre i-VTEC Turbo engine is currently limited to usage in the Acura RDX, it could be possible that the turbocharged gasoline engine might be offered in a Honda vehicle soon, perhaps in a future high performance Accord sedan?

That would be yummy, as revving high to get power is not really a characteristic that goes well with a car that spells space and comfort like the Accord – it’s supposed to waft along really fast with massive torque, not scream along.

Hirohide Ikeno, president of Honda R&D Americas Inc., said the company is also considering V-8 engines. And Honda’s upcoming NSX replacement is said to feature a high performance V10 screamer.

Acura/Honda’s biggest engines right now are currently V6 engines, and this fact hampers US sales for the flagship Acura sedans like the Acura RL, because Americans are after all big fans of big displacements and the V8 growl.