A sneak peak into what we might be able to buy and drive on our local roads soon, this spyshot was taken by reader Prem. A heavily disguised car was making it rounds around the Segambut area near Edaran Tan Chong Motor’s assembly plant which assembles Nissan vehicles as well as the Renault Kangoo.

I did some research and was unable to identify the car from body shape and a peek at the rear lights showing from underneath the disguise, though even that might be a decoy. What could it be?

[UPDATE: Some possibilities after the jump…]

[UPDATE: More sightings after the jump…]

1. Renault Megane Saloon? – by Maxtek






2. Renault Laguna III Sedan on test?

I found this artist’s impression of the future 2007 Renault Laguna on the internet. The 2007 Renault Laguna will be replacing the model above.

I’m not sure who did this artist’s impression, but it’s uncanny how much resemblance there is to the disguised car.



UPDATE #2: (22 December 2006)

small_logo_nissan.jpgReader Ching sighted the same car around Wisma TKS in Segambut, heading towards Jalan Parlimen. The car was painted in silver and only half-disguised and the logo seen through the covers was circular in shape (like a Nissan logo?) and not exactly like a Renault’s diamond-like shape, though that might also be a disguise of sorts. The guessing game goes on…