Car manufacturers these days have the most amazing way to enhance their product range. Volkswagen has been slapping on slightly offroad-ish styling to their products and tagging the word Cross in front of their names, so often and with success that they’re saying Cross is now a brand, like the iconic GTI or R badge. I introduce you to the Volkswagen CrossTouran, an offroader-looking van?

To be launched in spring 2007, the 2007 Volkswagen CrossTouran will be available with three gasoline-powered engines and three turbodiesels with output ranging from 102 hp to 170 hp, With the 170hp option of course being the 1.4 litre TSI Twincharger with a DSG gearbox as standard.

On the exterior a few modifications distinguish the CrossTouran from the more road-going-ish Touran design – a silver anodized roof railing with a 100kg maximum load rating with black mount as well as a matte chrome front spoiler integrated into the front bumper. The central air inlet in the front spoiler was also given a border in matte chrome look. You also get offroad-like protection elements in the bumper lower sections, side running boards, wheel arches, which are made from black-grained carbon fiber. Wheels are a mixed arrangement with 6.5-inch wide and 17-inch diameter alloy wheels on 215/50/R17 tires in front and 8-inch wide alloy wheels wrapped with 235/45/R18 tires at the back. Suspension is a little higher, giving the Volkswagen CrossTouran an extra 12 millimeter of ground clearance over the normal Touran.

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