German environmentalists wants the German government to impose speed limits on it’s unrestricted autobahns, saying the speed limits will cut greenhouse gas emissions and help Germany brush up it’s green credentials.

Andreas Troge, president of the German Federal Environment Agency and a government environment adviser said, “In the past few years, the reduction of greenhouse gases has stalled even in our country. A limit of 120 kilometers per hour (75 mph) would reduce carbon dioxide emissions — one of the so-called greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming — by about 30 percent.”

Wolfgang Tiefensee, Germany’s transport minister has different thoughts on the issue:

“I am committed to a reduction in emissions but a general speed limit on open stretches of road does not make sense. About one-third of Germany’s highways already have a speed limit while the rest carry a recommended speed of 130 kph. In reality, drivers and motorcyclists can, and often do, travel as fast as they like,” said Tiefensee.

I somewhat tend to agree with him, for the reasons he stated as well as the fact that the unrestricted autobahns are very much a part of Germany’s culture and appeal.

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