Another pointless shootout with suprising results by the folks over Fifth Gear. Who do you think will pull away in a race between a Nissan Murano GT-C and a Honda S2000? We find out after the jump… but first some brief introduction on what exactly a Nissan Murano GT-C is and what gives it the credentials to go against a proper sports car?

A Nissan Murano as we all know is a crossover SUV of sorts by Nissan, but the GT-C tag at the end of this model is more than just a styling exercise with a cool bodykit. The VQ35DE motor has been turbocharged with a single Garrett turbo-charger, resulting in an increase in power from 231bhp to nearly 350bhp at 6000rpm and 360Nm of torque at 3600rpm, mated to a CVT gearbox to ensure the engine always runs in the powerband. The Garrett turbo is a hybrid unit, built with a turbine from a Garrett T3 and a compressor from a Garrett T4.

Though turbo-ed, the VQ motor retains its high compression ratio of 10.3:1. Other enhancements include suspension and brake systems to match the new power.

Enjoy the video after the jump.

Video: Nissan Murano GT-C vs Honda S2000