Perodua has updated the Perodua Kelisa with something new – a Bluetooth handsfree kit integrated into the car’s entertainment system. Basically, the head unit has been updated to one with Bluetooth handsfree capabilities, and a button on the head unit activates Bluetooth. You pair your Bluetooth-capable phone with the head unit, and either keep it in your pocket or in a holder built into the car. You can then speak through an integrated microphone in the car interior, and listen to the call through the car’s entertainment system speakers. For private conversations, you can switch to a pair of retractable ear phones integrated into the center console area between the seats.

Perodua Kelisa models with this new Bluetooth handsfree kit system are: the Perodua Kelisa 1000GX, 1000GXS, 1000EZ, and 1000EZS, basically all models except for the Kelisa Imago models (the 1000GSQ and 1000EZQ).