Kia Rio Hybrid 1

Proton is not the only one with a sedan modified to go the hybrid way – the Koreans have their Kia Rio Hybrid for display at he 77th Salon de lAutomobiles in Geneva as well. This Kia Rio Sedan has it’s 1.4 litre CVVT petrol engine mated to a 12 kilowatt, 95Nm electric motor, and like the GEN2 EVE, uses a CVT gearbox, a first in any Kia car.

The CVVT engine makes about 90 horsepower and 120Nm of torque, and is hooked up to the electric motor which is placed between the flywheel and the gearbox. This electric motor ‘assists the petrol engine during starting, accelerating and hill-climbing. The electric motor switches off at cruising speeds, and also has ‘regenerative braking to store energy and re-charge its Ni-MH 144 volt power pack. There’s also a start-stop system for shutting off the petrol engine when not needed and restarting it automatically.

Zero to 100 km/h takes 12.2 seconds, top speed is 180km/h, and compared to a standard Kia Rio, air pollutants are reduced by 37% (down to 126g/km) and fuel efficiency is improved by 44% (now rated at 4.4 litres per 100km). To help with the fuel consumption, the body of this Kia Rio Sedan has also been changed slightly, saving about 220kg of weight through the use of an aluminium bonnet, boot lid and front seat frames, plus lightweight road wheels, low-friction tyres and an electric power steering.

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Kia Rio Hybrid 2

Kia Rio Hybrid 3

Kia Rio Hybrid 4