Citroen Cruise Crosser 1

Citroën Cruise together with the Espera Sbarro School have come up with the Citroën Cruise Crosser concept for the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. The Citroën Cruise Crosser concept is based on Citroen’s first SUV, the Mitsubishi Outlander-based Citroen C-Crosser which will go on sale later this year. The Citroën Cruise Crosser concept is a tribute to Andre Citroën, the company’s founder, who often went on adventurous automotive expeditions across Africa and Asia.

The strange 6-wheel designed truck is powered by a special hybrid drivetrain that combines a conventional turbodiesel engine with electric motor located under the rear floor. This electric motor powers the third axle right at the rear of the vehicle, while the front and middle axles are combustion engine powered. The turbodiesel engine can be shut off, leaving the car powered by the third axle alone, allowing a zero emissions drive.

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Citroen Cruise Crosser 2