subaru_boxer_thumb.jpgNot much details of Subaru’s new turbodiesel boxer engine were revealed at the Geneva 2007 Motor Show, causing an outcry from Subaru fans who expected to get the juicy details on the specifications, any new technologies as well as how much power the new oil burning boxer would produce. We got nothing, other than the engine itself put on display mated to an all-wheel-drive drivetrain.

Anyway, Subaru has shifted it’s international focus to the USA, putting it as it’s highest priority market. Subaru intends to add dealerships (target 625 by 2010, currently 601), increase collaboration between Subaru’s US manufacturing and sales arms as well as pay greater attention to U.S. automotive trends to ensure new models are relevant to the US market.

Subaru was previously in a fix, under the leadership of Kyoji Takenaka, it wanted to move upmarket and carry a premium tag, however premium usually means luxury, and that isn’t exactly what Subaru is, thus sales volumes dwindled. I’m not sure what Subaru had in mind then, how do you be premium without actually being premium? Under the new management of Ikuo Mori, Subaru intends to return to it’s roots.

As for new stuff, Geneva 2008 will bring us a new diesel-powered Subaru car and it will go on sale in Europe as well as the US. For the moment, we’ll just have to settle for a video of the new engine after the jump.

Video: Subaru Turbodiesel Boxer Promo