We’ll be able to see a host of new locally assembled models from Naza this year, that will expand it’s current 6-model line-up to a 10-model line-up, beginning with a new SUV in May 2007. The Sorento has already been CKD-ed, so this new SUV is most likely the current Kia Sportage (shown above) being sold by Naza.

Naza’s current model line-up is a somewhat multi-national mix: four Korean cars (Suria, Citra, Sorento and Ria), a French car (206 Bestari) and a Chinese car (Sutera). It’s plant in Gurun is running at full capacity with double shifts because of strong demand. January saw 3,000 Naza cars sold, but this dropped to 1,000 in February for the same reasons as the overall industry drop.

The other 3 models to be launched other than the possible Sportage was said to be a locally assembled MPV, and two locally assembled saloons. Looking at the current model range and the range of Kia models to rebadge, I would say the MPV could either be a new Carens (Citra) or Carnival (Ria), while the two saloons could be two of these: Rio sedan, new Spectra (also known as Cerato) as well as the lovely new Kia Optima.

Photos of these possible models after the jump.


Kia Carens / Naza Citra

Kia Carnival / Naza Ria

Kia Optima

Kia Rio Sedan

Kia Spectra Sedan

Kia Spectra5