Lexus GS-F
Click to view larger image of Lexus GS-F

The first in the new Lexus F brand was the Lexus IS-F that many expected to be a competitor to the BMW M3, but the end results was quite different. Even though blessed with hardcore, perhaps even borderlining on ricey looks, what the car was made of was suited more to a fast luxury cruiser instead of a track monster.

The next car in the Lexus F line-up will be the Lexus GS-F (artist’s impression above by Theophilus Chin), supposed to be aimed square at the BMW M5. The GS-F will most likely be powered by the V10 that’s supposed to be slotted into the Lexus LF-H supercar, making over 500 horsepower.

Since Lexus also seems to love one-upping it’s competitors on numbers, perhaps a tweaked up and modernized version of the 1GZ-FE (1GZ-DE?) will be offered. The 1GZ-FE was a 5.0 litre V12 offered in Toyota luxury cars like the Toyota Century.

While power figures on paper might defeat the M5, but that’s not all it takes to win the hearts of enthusiasts.