Volkswagen under Martin Winterkorn’s leadership is currently developing two low-end car platforms in parallel. One is being developed in Brazil, and following the lead of the low cost Renault/Dacia Logan, would be sold first in Brazil and eventually in all emerging markets like India and China. The other is being designed in Germany. Both cars are targetted at an entry price point of 7,000 Euros. As a comparison, the Proton Savvy in the UK is priced at £5,995, or 8,804 Euros, so the new Volkswagens would be priced even cheaper than a Savvy!

Something like this could definitely be used as an Iswara Replacement Model if Proton ever chooses to develop a car based on a Volkswagen platform, however sources through the grape vines have indicated that the Iswara Replacement Model is already being developed without external technology and platform sourcing, and prototypes have already been shown to Malaysian journalists.