You may have noticed a new banner on the right side of the sidebar from MyEG Services. Basically, MyEG is one of the Malaysian E-Government MSC Flagship Applications, and they provide motoring-related services among others.

It is connected to a few government departments such as JPJ, DBKL, PDRM, and the Department of Insolvency. Basically the Department of Insolvency handles cases like bankruptcy. Anyway, on to the motoring related services. You can check and pay your summons from JPJ, DBKL, and the PDRM, and the latest added feature is the ability to renew your CDL Driving License online for a period of up to 5 years. They can even remind you when your license is about to expire. Pretty convenient huh?

Check out MyEG Services with the link in this text, or the banner on the top right.