BN Kinabatangan MP Datuk Moktar Radin has asked the Ministry of International Trade and Industry not to entertain the proposal from the Selangor Car Dealers and Credit Companies Association to scrap cars over 15 years old as the majority of the people could not afford to condemn their 15-year old cars.

Way to go Datuk Moktar. There are many people earning peanuts and driving their reliable 23 year old Nissan Sunny 130Y around. Public transportation is not good enough. When I used to take the public transportation to university, I often reached the place tired and in no mood to learn anything. It is the same with people having to suffer the public transportation on the way to work.

Dear members of the Selangor Car Dealers and Credit Companies Association, why do you want to take away our rides just so you can have deeper pockets?

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