[ UPDATE: The Perodua Viva has been launched! Click here for full details on specifications and pricing, as well as many clear photos of both exterior and interior! ]

I saw a teaser ad for the Perodua Viva, or Perodua D18D as it’s called by it’s codename on the Motor Trader main page. It’s the banner above that says “Looking for love?” If you click it, you’ll reach a flash page with the codename D18D in it’s URL address, and what you see is shown in the photo above. Basically it’s a small quiz thing aimed at getting a mailing list or something, which will be used for Perodua Viva launch updates perhaps?

Some journalists have already been to a media test drive somewhere, and with the appearance of these teaser ads, it means the Perodua Viva’s launch is coming soon.

Check out the Perodua D18D Looking for love teaser site.