ITIS Traffic Web Live

The Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS)’s live traffic webcam system is up and running. It will allow you to view somewhat semi-real time images from traffic cameras at selected locations. The following is a list of roads that have this live traffic webcam installed:

ITIS CCTV: KL Seremban Highway
ITIS CCTV: Federal Highway
ITIS CCTV: Jalan Tun Razak
ITIS CCTV: Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
ITIS CCTV: Jalan Kinabalu
ITIS CCTV: Jalan Cheras
ITIS CCTV: Jalan Raja Laut
ITIS CCTV: Jalan Kuching
ITIS CCTV: Jalan Duta
ITIS CCTV: Jalan Damansara
ITIS CCTV: Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil
ITIS CCTV: Lebuhraya Mahameru

ITIS Traffic Congestion Map

There is also some kind of real time congestion information system which is accessible by going to the ITIS Homepage and clicking Real-time traffic information. You will then see the map above. Just select which area you want to observe through a mini map on the right side (not shown in my image) and a larger version with indications of smooth, slow, or congested traffic will appear. The ITIS Homepage also has updates on the latest road closure information.