Facelifted BMW X3

First it was the BMW X5, next the BMW X3! What am I talking about? A shift in production base of course, to the US – the homeland of all SUV and truck-lovers! The E83 BMW X3 which was recently facelifted (shown above) is currently built in Austria by Magna Steyr, however the next generation full model change will have it’s production base shifted to BMW’s plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

BMW’s Spartanburg plant currently assembles the new 2007 E70 BMW X5 which I drove recently, and it will also assemble the new BMW X6 coupe-SUV crossover once it makes it to the production lines. One non-SUV model that also comes from the South Carolina plant is the BMW Z4 roadster.

BMW currently builds 105,000 vehicles a year at Spartanburg based on 2006’s production data, but it needs to bump up production to 200,000 in two to three year’s time to keep up with currency fluctuations. 31,291 units of the current generation BMW X3 was sold in the US in 2006, out of a total of 114,000 units worldwide.