Kia XR

Autocar managed to get a glimpse of Kia’s high performance label to be called the XR range, in Korea near Kia’s headquarters last week. It’s still a concept though – just a standard Kia Cee’d with an XR bodykit, but Kia says both turbo and supercharged engines are under development for use in the XR range. Check out Autocar’s gallery for photos of the Kia Cee’d they snapped in Korea at the preview.

Kia is addressing the different customer demands of it’s two biggest markets – the American and European markets with this dual performance engine strategy. The supercharged engines would be aimed at the US market, while the turbocharged engines will be aimed at the European market.

Spyshots of the Kia Cee’d XR have previously been spotted. Check out spyshots in the related posts below:

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Kia Cee’d XR