Previously referred to as the BMW V3, it looks like BMW’s long anticipated crossover mini MPV vehicle will be called the BMW F3 instead, and the small 3-series based 5-seater gets the green light for production. The BMW F3 will be a 3-series-based product with a little more utility designed into it, think of it as BMW’s answer to the Mercedes Benz B-Class.

AutoWeek reported a BMW insider giving the following statement: “Weve looked carefully at prevailing market trends, and there appears to be a clear shift away from old-style multi-purpose vehicles. By combining the high seating position of a sport/utility vehicle with the space afforded by a traditional station wagon, crossovers appear to be providing an clear alternative to buyers.”

Most of it’s components will be shared with the 3-Series and the upcoming full model change BMW X3 which should arrive in 2009. The BMW F3 is expected to go into production somewhere in mid-2010.

Following this naming scheme, BMW’s RFK, or Raumfunktionales Konzept which means “space-functional concept” which is expeced to be a larger Mercedes Benz R-Class rival will likely be called the BMW F5.

I don’t know about you, but V3 and V5 definitely seems to have a better ring to it than F3 and F5. Besides, BMW is already going to use the F letter for it’s new chassis codes, since the E chassis codes are sort of running out of numbers.

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