Honda Civic Panning

Ikea UK has decided it’s entire company fleet cars will be Honda Civic Hybrids. This decision is part of Ikea’s commitment to reduce it’s environmental impact. 50 Civic Hybrids will be supplied this year, and more orders will be delivered in 2008.

“Civic Hybrid is really taking off in the corporate sector where businesses want to be seen to be green. KEAs commitment to replace its entire fleet with Civic Hybrids is a real-life endorsement of the car and the excellent benefits it offers. In terms of cost, fuel efficiency and low emission driving the Civic Hybrid really stacks up,” says John Kingston, Environment Manager at Honda (UK).

So, is the new Civic Hybrid going to be offered in Malaysia? Perhaps Honda Malaysia could do a limited run or something. After all, there are a few units of the previous generation Civic Hybrid in Malaysia, and the latest Civic Hybrid is available in Singapore.