According to Berita Harian, apparently the proposal to scrap cars more than 15 years old will go ahead but on voluntary basis only, an effort to help improve the sales of new cars which have been in a slump this year so far and has only seen a small pick-up in May.

One who chooses to scrap his car that is older than 15 years old will be reimbursed a maximum of RM5,000 in the form of a voucher that counts towards the sales and excise duty of the new car purchased. Note it says a MAX of RM5,000 – this means it might be lower if whoever decides the value of the voucher thinks your car is worth lower.

Apparently studies have shown that if the scrapping policy is implemented, new car sales will increase by 50,000 to 100,000 cars a year.

Being someone who owns a car more than 15 years old, I am directly someone who falls under the target market of this scheme, and in my opinion, it does not entice me to get rid of my 23-year old Nissan Sunny and buy a new car at all.