BMW 1-Series 3-Door

The new facelifted BMW 1-Series is now in Malaysia in both forms – 5-door and 3-door! Previously only the 5-door was available, and the 3-door was only just recently launched earlier this year. The 1-Series is also BMW’s first “mild hybrid” car, which uses many little neat ways here and there to harness wasted energy, a function that’s part of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics standard for all it’s new cars.

On the exterior, you see a new bumper with the new rectangular-shaped (previously circular) foglamp assembly integrated into the central air intake which has been widened to extend to the entire width of the front bumper. The kidney grills are also now larger, and while the rear brake lamps continue to have the same shape, it’s internal cluster arrangement has been changed and now use LEDs to light up.

The interior has also been updated, and there are some changes with some of the engines in the engine range. The 118i’s 2 litre engine has it’s power upped to 136hp and 190Nm of torque, up from 129hp and 180Nm of torque. The 116i 5-door and 130i M Sport 5-door remain the same. The 120i is now offered as the 3-door BMW 120i Sports, and it’s engine now makes 156 horsepower instead of the previous 150 horsepower figure. Sadly, the new 170hp High Pressure Injection engine for the 120i is not available in Malaysia, as it is only available in Europe. This is because there are some concerns about fuel quality which BMW Malaysia wants to be very sure about before any further action is taken.

5-door BMW 130i – RM 329,800
3-door BMW 120i Sports – RM 223,800
5-door BMW 118i – RM 199,800
5-door BMW 116i – RM 179,800