Audi A1 Sketch

Car Magazine has some exclusive juicy details on the new Audi A1. The upcoming Audi A1 will not be a premium 2008 Volkswagen Polo with a new body as some of you might be expecting. Why not, considering the Volkswagen group’s ability to cost-effectively share platforms across all of the marques under it’s umbrella. Mainly because of quattro – Audi’s new B-segment hatchback will offer Audi’s trademark all-wheel drive.

It will do so through it’s new MQB underpinnings, which is Audi’s new platform for cars with transverse engines, as opposed to the longtitudinal-engined MLP that you all are now familiar with thanks to the Audi A5. This same platform will also be the underlying mechanicals for the next generation Audi A3 as well as the next generation Golf GTI.

The top of the range Audi S1 gets a 200 horsepower turbo engine and Audi’s quattro system. The petrol Audi A1 will use a series of 1.4 litre TSI engines that come either in normally aspirated, turbocharged, or twincharged form with engine output ranging from 65hp, 85hp, 105hp, 140hp and 170hp. You can probably guess the last two engines are likely similiar to the two engines available in the Golf GT Sport.

Oil burner versions of the Audi A1 will use a 1.6 litre 4-cylinder TDI turbodiesel in 75, 90, 105 and 130bhp power ratings. Both the petrol and the diesel cars will have the option to be equipped with the new DG250 7-speed dry clutch DSG.

Audi wants to build 100,000 units of the A1 and S1 in 2010, and a CrossPolo-ish version called the Q1 will also come later. It will go against BMW’s MINI, but is expected to undercut the MINI’s pricing. These sketches remind me of the Audi Shooting Brake Concept shown back in 2005.

One more rear sketch after the jump.

Audi A1 Sketch