Proton Persona Side Profile

The Proton Persona has received an better than expected response so far, scoring over 8,000 bookings since the car was launched slightly more than a week ago. This includes the 2,200 bookings that were made before the Persona was launched.

We are happy with the response received thus far. We are also touched by our consumers belief in us. Two thousand two hundred of them booked the Persona without seeing it during the pre-launch activities and now we have over 8,000 bookings. On behalf of PROTON, I would like to thank all those who have and are continuing to support us. Quality issues previously brought up by consumers have been addressed in the Persona. The PROTON i.CARE initiative was rolled out specifically with this in mind. We want our consumers to know that we are not merely paying lip-service to the You Can Count On Us promise but every PROTON employee, myself included, will strive towards delivering this promise,” said Proton managing director Syed Zainal.

Proton expects to sell about 4,000 units of the Proton Persona a month, and it looks like the public has received it well so far. I hope the Persona stands the test of time in terms of both sales as well as quality. We now wait patiently for the Proton BLM, which will replace the aging Proton Saga.