logo_honda.jpgWhile other manufacturers have been releasing preview product shots of their Frankfurt exhibits, Honda lets out a teaser with no accompanying picture, leaving it up to our imaginations to figure out what the upcoming Honda Accord Tourer Concept to be exhibited at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show will look like. The Accord Tourer Concept will give us a preview of the next Honda Accord Euro, also called the Acura TSX in the US market. It could either share similar cues to the Honda Sports 4 Concept shown earlier – perhaps this will be an estate version of that car, or Honda might have completely changed the design direction altogether since the Sports 4 Concept was a car from 2 years ago.

Honda did mention in the same press release that the production version of the next generation Euro Accord will go on sale from mid-2008 onwards, so the concept being exhibited next month must be very close to production.

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