Opel’s Flextreme Concept is GM’s third E-Flex vehicle, with the first two being two variants of the Chevrolet Volt concept car shown earlier in January this year. The Opel Flextreme is a more European-focused car than the Volt which seems to be American-centric so its only natural that the Flextreme be based on diesel technology instead of the first E-Flex car’s flex-fuel technology. The E-Flex lithium ion battery pack is charged by a 1.3 litre inline-4 Ecotec turbodiesel engine.

The concept car features suicide doors, and the boot of the car carries a pair of Segway scooters, which can be charged from the Flextreme’s on-board electrical system. On a full charge, the car can go 64 kilometers before it needs to be charged by either the on-board turbodiesel or a plug-in system which allows the batteries to be charged via a conventional power outlet. If you factor in the turbodiesel engine using all of it’s fuel to continuously keep the batteries charged, maximum mileage on a full charge + a full tank of diesel is 715km – this is shorter than the Chevy Volt’s 1000km combined range.

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