Subaru’s new turbodiesel boxer was displayed at the 2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show, so let’s have a look at some specifications. The new engine is the world’s first horizontally-opposed diesel, or boxer engine as it’s more commonly referred to.

We finally have some stats on the engine although it’s still very vague at the moment. The engine is 2.0 litre in size and puts out 147 horsepower – quoted as 110kW, incidentally the same amount as it’s 2.0 litre normally aspirated petrol sibling – and 350Nm of torque. CO2 emissions level is rated at 150g/km.

Subaru’s Executive Vice President Mat Nagato says the new turbodiesel engine will make it’s production car debut in the beginning of 2008. Let’s hope more stats on the engine will be revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. We still don’t have any idea of how the torque curve of the engine looks like.