A few MPs raised a point regarding the AP system for the import of cars in Malaysia at the Dewan Rakyat earlier this week – and MITI deputy minister Datuk Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah says the government is not planning to auction APs, instead keeping to the current system of dishing them out for free.

“Auctioning can jeopordise the business of Bumiputra entrepreneurs in the automotive sector as it will be difficult to plan ahead and make long term investments. The government introduced the AP system with the intention of developing Bumiputra entrepreneurs capable of competing and achieving progress in the automotive industry. The Bumiputra entrepreneurs would have to invest in terms of capital, showroom space, service centre, have links with financial institutions and establish a network of dealership,” said the deputy minister.

Are non-bumiputra entrepreneurs in the automotive sector somehow immune to difficulties to plan ahead and make long term investments?