I’m sure alot of you have watched this video pitting an F1 car driven by David Coulthard against a Mercedes Benz E50 and a Mercedes Benz A160 on a race track, it’s one of the more popular car-related videos on the internet.

Now before you say it is not a fair race, the A160 and the E50 actually got a big head start, but the Formula 1 car still managed to catch up in the end.

The A160 isn’t exactly the fastest thing on the road, and the E50 while having a large displacement isn’t meant to be a track weapon. This video brings the stakes closer together, pitting Coulthard in an F1 car once again against Mercedes-Benz cars.

This time the cars are the Mercedes Benz C200K Coupe, the Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG, and the Mercedes Benz CLK DTM.

Video: McLaren F1 Car vs Mercedes Road Cars, Part 2

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