Ferrari Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Starting from the 2008 model year onwards, all Ferrari cars will come standard with Brembo carbon ceramic brake discs, something that previously only an expensive option on its cars. Despite that, as it is over 85% of Ferrari orders have the brakes specified, giving Ferrari reason to make them standard.

From Ferrari’s press release: “Brakes featuring CCM discs offer much more responsive braking as well as consistently excellent performance in intensive use. One of the most obvious advantages to adopting them is their exceptional fade resistance – fade in fact compromises the drivers feeling of control when it comes to the pressure required on the brake pedal and responsiveness. The CCM discs have a longer life under normal conditions, a fact that has clear financial advantages. Furthermore, even with continual track use, CCM brakes offer greater resistance to wear for better durability on track. The CCM braking system also cuts around 15 kg off the cars total weight which not only improves overall performance but also reduces unsprung mass and thus improves vehicle dynamics and ride comfort.”

No mention whether prices would remain standard or not though…