ProStreet RomaniaThis is funny stuff: Borat meets the Fast and the Furious. More of parody videos made to poke fun than anything else, the main stars of ProStreet Romania are two drivers and their cars – a Dacia 1310 and a Lada 1.3 GTX Turbo. I am not even sure if there is such a thing as a Lada 1.3 GTX Turbo. The three videos mainly poke fun at European ricer culture, especially with “third world” cars. Good lunchtime entertainment if you’re interested. The first one is quite large so you may want to pause it and wait for it to load, then play later. Videos after jump.

Video: ProStreet Romania – Dacia 1310 versus Lada 1.3 GTX Turbo

Video: ProStreet Romania – How to wash your car

Video: ProStreet Romania – Dacia doing a donut!